Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Yep it's over, it was different this year not seeing my family over the holidays but I guess when you work weird shifts and you don't have kids (human) that's the way it goes. We did have a good Christmas and even though I worked Christmas day I really didn't notice because we celebrated on the 24th instead and what's a date anyway, it's just a number. Melinda has been off work for the past week and is off through the end of the year so it's been nice having her around when she's usually at work. I was treated to a nice breakfast yesterday just before 5am an she packed me an awesome lunch. That's not something I would normally see on a Friday morning. We snapped quite a few pics over the past few days running around town, hitting the trails with the dogs a few times and opening gifts from under the tree. What I thought was going to be a blue Christmas turned out to be pretty nice thanks to my honey. Thanks Melinda!

The dogs waited patiently while Melinda and I had breakfast/lunch before hitting the trails.

coffee at Panera

Melinda and the dogs heading up the trail.

I learned alot about the inner workings of our toilet over the weekend. I made alot of unnecessary repairs because of all the learning mistakes I made but it works flawlessly now.

The Carr family tree, a real Frasier fir "The Cadillac" of Christmas trees, or so they say.

Melinda always likes to break out her funny Christmas socks.

Moonshine was definitely on to us and what we were hiding in those big socks.

Melinda and her new Walz cycling cap!

Jackson and Moonshine got more gifts this year than anyone at our house.

My new helmet cam, this blog could get interesting very soon.

cooking breakfast Christmas Eve morning

The dogs were worn out after all the mess they made.

The infamous "Santa" that has caused quite a commotion at our house lately. He recently lost his a$$ thanks to Moonshine.
Sometime this weekend I plan to start a project, "The 12 hours in photos". I plan to take a picture every hour on the hour from 8am to 8pm. Not sure if I'll do it Sat or Sun but I'll post up the photos later this week.

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