Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008... I'm done with you

I wish I had some really huge New Years Eve bash to attend this evening but I don't. None of our friends are having a party. I would consider throwing one myself but since I have to work tonight, throwing down is out of the question. There doesn't even have to be a party in the making, I'm sure every bar/club/restaurant bar is having a band or a DJ playing horrible rap infused hip-hop to listen to. It's seems to me that no one really gets in the spirit of New Years Eve anymore. I guess it's a good thing, that way I don't have to be jealous that I'm missing out on all the fun.
This weekend should be a good one, it appears that we have a ride on tap in the Western NC area. I hope to get some footage on the Hero cam I got for Christmas. I took it out on a ride last weekend but that's all it did was ride around in my jersey pocket. (dead batteries) That won't happen again, I got em' charged up and ready to roll. I didn't bother with lugging the regular camera to Bent Creek last weekend because I had the Hero cam and I thought that would be enough so I really don't have anything to show from our trip except good memories.
I thought about rambling on about the past year and all the fun we had but I doubt anyone wants to hear about it so I'll save it for another time. I do have a few random pictures from the weekend. We were supposed to have Melinda's brother in town for a few days but that didn't work out so we made the most of our weekend. Melinda the dogs and I hiked some trails in our backyard that we'd never been on before. Sinking Waters Trails in the local state park meandered all over the hillside before dropping us down in a dried up marsh. The cool thing was the abundance of caves in the area with a stream disappearing into them. Hence the name "Sinking Waters".

I have been thinking about some goals I have for 2009. My main one and is probably the one everyone has or has had or will have, to lose some weight. No I'm not going to start some fad diet or join a gym like most Americans. I do have a list in my head of things I want to do to help me achieve my goal. 10 lbs. is my goal, I thought about 15 but that would really be tough to do and maintain. I don't consider myself over weight and according to the folks at the Health & Wellness center I'm right where I should be for my age and height. I wonder how they come up with those numbers. I just hope I can be unlike most Americans and stick with the plan, I plan to lay down later this evening. One other goal I have is to enter my 1st solo 12 hour race. I don't plan to win or even get in the top ten, I just want to give it a shot, ride for as long as I can while having fun, plain and simple.
Happy New Year!

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If your going to lose weight make a plan and stick with it at all costs. Most important, set a timeline when to reach your goal!

Happy New Year