Tuesday, December 16, 2008

spring is in the air?????

Yesterday I woke up sometime just before noon, no I'm not that lazy I worked the night before. I knew the rain was coming in later that evening so I decided to get a jump on the weather and get out an ride the trails with Moonshine and Jackson. As I was getting ready to leave I went to consult with the thermometer before I picked out what to wear. 60 degrees!? I couldn't believe it so I stepped outside just to make sure. It was warm and sunny, a complete turn around from the cold weather we've experienced lately. I've heard recently that we had record cold weather for the month of November, some days never reaching 30 degrees. That may not be unusual for some but here in the south we've been known to wear shorts in November.
I still couldn't believe how nice it was when I arrived at the trailhead. Although the sun didn't stick around all day it did stay warm. I was surprised to see the amount of cars in the parking lot. Usually I am the only person there at noon on a Monday but yesterday there were several cars at the trailhead with two more following me in. Everyone must have decided to call in sick and go ride. I don't blame them it was a great day to be in the woods. It was one of those days where is was just cool enough that I didn't need that gay sweat band of mine but warm enough to leave the long sleeves at home.
It appears that I have about a three hour window of opportunity to get outside today before more rain rolls through the Tri so I'll shut up now.

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