Sunday, December 14, 2008

air guitar hero

I'm sure everyone has heard, seen or at least played Guitar Hero in the last year or so. You know the PlayStation game that allows the non musical population to attempt to see what it's like to be a famous musician rocking some heavy metal power ballad in front of virtual screaming fans in the comfort of your own home. Although I have played Guitar Hero we don't have it or a PlayStation at our house. Melinda and I have never been fans of video games unless it's one of those arcade racing games complete with a steering wheel, gas pedal and a stick shift. (We love to race each other and Melinda usually rubs it in my face on the unusual occasion that she beats me with some very un-sportsman like conduct.) Anyway since we don't have Guitar Hero I tend to play alot of air guitar. The cool thing about air guitar is you can play anywhere, no PlayStation required. My bad habit of playing air guitar has even earned me the nickname of "Bon Jovi" at work. I know it's a pretty cheesy nickname but some of the guys I work with have alot worse names like Buckethead or Hog. Sometimes at 3 am I 've been known to play a little air guitar in the control room in an attempt to stay awake or pass the time.
Last night Melinda and I had a few friends over for cocktails and a bonfire when I decided to play a little air guitar and Anthony started to dance. Upon seeing this Abby, Andy's girlfriend, told us we should stand up on the furniture for a more dramatic effect. We agreed and I went for the closest thing, a wooden bench. The funny thing was that I stepped a little too close to the edge and it flipped up on it's end sending me crashing down on the floor. Not only did I drop my air guitar but I dislocated my shoulder slightly. It wasn't a full separation, it just tends to come out of socket slightly but pops right back into place with a little adjustment. Needless to say it's pretty sore for a few days afterward. The first time it happened to me was at a ski resort when I decided to try a table top jump that was just a little out of my league. Since then my shoulder has never been the same. Who knew playing the air guitar could be so dangerous. I think I should be able to ride this week but I have a feeling it will have to be with the help of some strong ibuprofen.

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