Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Trails

Yesterday we started the day off right with a big breakfast and we watched the dogs open their presents and then tear up their presents. One by one Moonshine proceeded to steal and hide all of the new dog toys, hers and Jackson's, but I don't think Jackson really cared. We did have to have a showdown over one of Jackson's toys a fancy stuffed Santa. Moonshine finally gave it up but had it again this morning, I decided not to fight her for it but I told her not to chew it up like the rest.
Santa was good to Melinda and I, he brought me one of these and Melinda got me a pair of these! I can't wait to get the Hero figured out so we can hit the trails and make some cool videos. We had to go ahead and celebrate our Christmas early because I'm working today and tomorrow. Kinda sucks but the extra holiday pay will make for a nice paycheck.
Yesterday Melinda and I got out and hit the trails for a nice Christmas Eve ride before returning home to grill out some steaks. The trails were in great shape considering all the rain we've gotten this month. Their were a few muddy spots but the trails should be perfect after a couple of dry days. No family from my side in town this year, everyone decided to head north to the folks house for the holidays. Because of my work schedule we are stuck here for the holidays but we'll make the best of it and get some riding in.
Melinda's bro and family are coming in town tomorrow evening for a couple of days so we should be hitting the trails everyday and maybe even a daytrip over to Pisgah somewhere. Good times!

Have a Merry Christmas and watch out for the fudge, it'll slow you down out there!


Anonymous said...

That cluster map is really something


Riding with dogs said...

yeah I wish I could narrow it down to states and cities