Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's here!

Surprisingly Flat Stanley arrived ahead of schedule today. I really wasn't expecting to see him until this weekend but he said he wanted to get a jump start on the fun and be here for the weekend. I was reluctant to tell him that this weekend we will be concentrating our efforts on building a retaining wall. After he threw a bit of a temper tantrum I promised him we would go ride somewhere at least one day and he was cool after that.

Flat was still a little nervous about coming inside after seeing the dogs through the backdoor. He said they're alot bigger in person than the photos he saw on my blog.

We all sat down and discussed that Flat Stanley was not a toy and he was to be respected. Moonshine and Jackson agreed as long as he didn't throw anymore temper tantrums. Flat apologized and now we're all cool.
I told Flat I was planning on going for a run but he said he was tired and wanted to catch a few Zs. I said that was cool and I took the dogs with me so they would not disturb his sleep. They're bad about playing tag while I'm trying to sleep after graveyards.
Alan uploaded a new video from the Buffalo ride Monday. No need to mute the sound this time he swapped out the rap for a little Metallica. That's me in the black in case your wondering.
16 days until the NASCAR season starts



Your starting to worry me a little. Flat???

Read this and see what I mean..

Melinda said...

For the record his name is not Flat. I've read all the books, so I'm very excited he came to visit!

Anonymous said...

Great visit with Flat Stanley

the Grumps

Riding with dogs said...

If you haven't noticed Melinda, I quit playing by the rules years ago.