Thursday, January 1, 2009

one more night

One more night of work and I'm off for the weekend. Melinda and I had plans to ride in NC this Sun but today she told me she didn't think it was going to work out. She said she wanted to ride both Sat and Sun, I can't argue with that. Bring on the trails!
Today we took all the Christmas decorations down and I threw the tree in to the woods. Never fear it was real so no harm done. Some little critter with find refuge in it's branches and eventually it will return to the earth. I did find a nice little moldy patch on the hardwood floor underneath the tree stand, not good. Evidently I added a little too much water at some point during the holiday season. I guess I'm off to Lowes for mold remover stuff.
I was cruising through a Men's Health magazine today and I ran across a couple of interesting stats.

By the year 2010 - 71% of Americans will be overweight
2020 - 79%
2030 - 86%
2048 - 100%! Not good

I find the last one a little hard to believe that we will all be overweight but I think it will be very close.
As I read on I saw an interesting study that I do believe. All the hype behind the Wii fitness is turning out to be total crap. For example Wii Tennis burns only 1 calorie per minute more than a regular game. Playing the real deal burns 688 calories. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a video game that simulates a fairly inexpensive game that anyone can play if they really want to. You don't have to be a member of a country club to access a tennis court, those things are everywhere. I can see the fun people have in playing video games but why not do the real thing if you can, save the video games for racing exotic cars across the desert or slaying vampires, you know the stuff most folks can't do everyday. Get out and explore what's in your backyard, save the indoors for when your using a walker to get around.

Happy New Year!

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Darth Duncan said...

We just recently did a presentation for the YMCA in Bristol and found out that of the 50 states, TN ranks 48 or 49 in overall fitness. Basically TNians aren't healthy.

Good point about tennis. That goes for just about any sports video game .