Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This week of the month is always the toughest for me, as far as my nutrition and exercise goes. I work 12 hour days all this week and there always seems to be good food lying around the breakroom. My job for the most part is fairly quiet and the plants run smoothly 95% of the time. That leaves us with alot of downtime to sit around and be tempted to eat. My boss and his wife have a cake decorating business so we see alot of homemade cakes. Yesterday there was a strawberry cake and today a vanilla almond cake. Yes I sampled both and immediately felt bad about it. I told myself I am going to drop a few pounds by the spring and I'm determined to do so.
Getting off work at 6pm also makes it hard to get any decent amount of exercise in when you go to bed at 9:30 (4:15 comes early). Melinda has also decided she plans to amp up her workouts and has been running with me on her days off and working out on a consistent basis at night. She has turned our living room into a workout center. We currently have both the elliptical trainer and the exercise bike in front of the TV as well as a yoga mats and one of those big bouncy workout balls in the floor. Jackson and Moonshine are having a hard time adjusting to this because they haven't had a place to chew bones with all this exercise going on.
Both our dogs are feeling the cabin fever set in and last night even though it was raining Melinda took them outside in the dark to toss the ball. Two throws and Moonshine called it a night, even she is sick of all the rain we've gotten lately. If this keeps up and the temps drop we may just have some snow on our hands.
This weekend I had planned to get out and do a big ride on Sat and then I realized there is a workday planned at Bays mtn. Our club has been working very hard lately building a new trail there with more opportunity looming in the future. I have missed the last few days due to work conflicts but I've decided to put my own interests aside and go out and do my duty at Bays. The trail from what I've heard is coming along nicely but the volunteers have steadily dropped off. With such a great opportunity in our own backyard I feel we need all the help we can get. If your reading this and you live in the tri-cities come out and lend a helping hand. Mountain bike trails aren't built over night by teams of professionals paid by the government. They are built by volunteers who love to ride just like you and me. While the rest of us are out riding or at home enjoying time with our families they're our sweating and carving a new trail just like the ones we enjoy riding every weekend. So the next time your out riding/hiking on your favorite trail, think about how it got there and who worked hard to see it completed. Nothing is more gratifying than riding a new trail that you have help to build. I'll be out there this Sat burning off all that cake I ate and sticking to my New Years resolution. I hope to see you there!

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