Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Famous Flat Stanley

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? I had not until recently. You see Flat Stanley is quite an adventurous kind of guy. He's traveled all over the world and seen things most of us only dream of. He's met alot of famous people and had his picture taken in some very unique places.

I recently found out Flat is a good friend of my sister, Bug. They been to quite a few places together. Flat called me up the other day, said he'd read my blog and was really impressed. He told me he has always wanted to do some bicycling and wanted to know if he could come to N. East Tennessee for a visit. I said "sure Flat come on up". He did have one concern, you see Flat Stanley is kind of a small guy and well, he's made out of paper so he was kind of worried about our dog situation. I assured Flat that my dogs have never been a fan of paper. I nor Melinda have ever had to use the excuse, "The dog ate my homework". He still seemed a little anxious after he read about what happened to Santa on Christmas.
I told him if he came down we would all sit down together and explain to Moonshine and Jackson that under no circumstances was Flat Stanley a chew toy. Flat said okay and started making arrangements to head our way.
When Melinda found out about our surprise visitor she immediately started cleaning up the guest bedroom and bathroom. She asked me how long Flat was planning on staying. Not sure I told her but I assured her he wouldn't be any trouble. He doesn't eat much or take up any space. She said he could stay as long as he wanted as long as he didn't walk around in his underwear and always knocks on closed doors before entering.
I called Flat back, told him the good news and said I would immediately start drawing a bicycle for him to ride while he was in town. He said he was pumped and should be in town soon. I can only imagine what kind of adventures Flat Stanley and I will get into.
17 more days until the 2009 NASCAR season begins



So is 'Bug" comin to visit?

Riding with dogs said...

nope she's always on the move, you never know when she'll show up