Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Go Pro Hero does the job

As stated in an earlier post My folks got me a Go Pro Helmet Hero video camera for Christmas. For those of you who not know what this is, it's a water/shock proof video camera that designed to strap to your helmet for shooting cool action sequences. We recently went over to Bent Creek in western NC this weekend and I shot a ton of footage. The trails were slick in spots and some were new to me so I was a bit timid during the ride but it still turned out great for my first run. As I shoot more video and learn how to edit and add music they should get better. It's still a learning experience for me but I was surprised at how easy this camera was to use and how well the footage turned out. Even on rough terrain the footage was surprisingly smooth. This video may not be as cool as some you've seen online but I'm no pro and I'm not on a downhill bike.

Look for more videos coming this week. Its takes a while to upload them to the blog. If your thinking about getting a video cam for action sequences look em up.

Late edit: After watching the video on my blog I noticed that the resolution dropped off after uploading it. It does look alot sharper and nicer at home on my computer and suprisingly better on facebook.


Johnny T said...

might be easier/better if you upload to youtube and use it to export it to your blogger....that's what i did for the stroller video on our blog

jdstamp said...

I rode with some guys at crested butte last year that were from Cali, and they did video of all their rides and mentioned some software that they used to stabilize footage. It works so well that one guy mounted the camera on his head tube for some pretty cool perspective footage
see here
and here was the vid of our ride
Check out the last minute of the video(its long) to see the the steerer tube shot of a guy crossing a creek on a log


nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riding with dogs said...

cool thanks for the info, I planned on uploading some to a site like YouTube but just haven't had time.