Saturday, January 24, 2009

The old days

Recently after much prodding by my family I decided to join Facebook. I never really was into that kinda of thing and I never did have a Myspace page either. Keeping up with a blog was enough for me. I'll admit Facebook is pretty cool as long as you don't try to do too much with it. You can easily get lost adding different little features and junk to your profile page and waste a ton of time. The thing I have enjoyed about it has been the amount of old friends I have reconnected with. There are old high school friends on there that I haven't seen in years and would never have known how to connect with had I not joined. I recently saw a few photos that I was "tagged" in from my wild college days. You could say my priorities back then were much different as are most folks.

I'm guessing my the twinkle lights and garland that this photos was from a Christmas party at my fraternity house. Yeah I was in a fraternity, it was good times and my buddy with the cowboy hat "Bill" was the one who introduced me to mtn biking.

I was always trying to do something different back then whether it was dye my hair a funny color or wear something outrageous to a party when all the other guys were trying to look cool. I had the idea to go down to the Goodwill and buy $4 three piece suits to wear. The uglier the better, I had several, light blue, corduroy, polyester. Some people thought we were idiots and looked stupid but I enjoyed getting under their skin.

My introduction to NASCAR, I couldn't pass up a free ticket to the big race at Bristol. After my first live race I was hooked. I've been watching ever since.
Enough about the old days I'm looking forward to this year. Melinda and I just realized her Spring Break and my monthly 7 days off are on the same week! We have already started tossing around ideas for places to go. Santos Fla and Dark Mtn have been discussed so far. There is a new race, the 6 Hours of Warriors Creek is that first weekend. The folks down at the BMCC have been hard at work build some new trails and the rumor is they have over 10 miles of new single track. It's amazing what a club can accomplish with a trail machine vs hand tools. With the nice weather we've had in the last couple of days it's hard not to think about summer. I know it's still January but I'm pumped about riding this year.

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love the blonde hair!!!!!!!!!!