Tuesday, January 13, 2009

shoot, edit, repeat

Yesterday Alan and I headed up to Buffalo Mtn for a little ride action in the mud and slop. Sloppy it was indeed, the Mamasita is making all kinds of interesting noises and looks like a disaster. I actually took some time to edit the video and lay down some tunes to it as well. Stay tuned as my skillz improve the videos should get better. The only problem was I think all the editing may have dropped the resolution a little. Enjoy and crank up the volume.

Untitled from Greg Carr on Vimeo.

I had a hard time sleeping last night with all the ideas I had running around in my head. Like all the weird places I can strap this little camera, songs I can sync to the video and new stuff to shoot. I just hope I can remember it all.


Johnny T said...

suuuuweeeettt video!


Wow that was pretty sweet. The video was jumpy in a couple of spots but that last part flyin' back down the service road was freakin' KEWL

Good Job

You know your making me want one of those dang things now!!!

Riding with dogs said...

get one!