Tuesday, January 27, 2009

icy Buffalo

If you've been here before you've probably heard me talk about my work schedule. Some may say it's crazy but I don't mind it a bit except for the warm sunny weekends that I'm working and all my friends are out riding. That's what sick days are for, right? This part of the month is the hard part, work Fri - Sun days, off Mon, work Tues - Thurs nights.
I always try to make the most out of this Monday and yesterday was no exception, especially since the rain rolled in last night and has plans to stay till Thurs. Anyway I got up early yesterday, fixed Melinda breakfast packed her a lunch and saw her off to work. I got an early start and took the dogs on a hike to the nearby State Park. We hiked up to the top of a gnarly trail, "Devils Backbone". It's a tough climb but offers some impressive views over the lake.

As we cruised around the bottom by the lake Moonshine went into the water after what she thought was a stick but was a 40oz. beer bottle. She had it by the mouth of the bottle as if she was taking a big swig. I yelled at her to drop it before I realized the very funny photo moment I just missed.

After the hike I headed home and got to work putting the Mamasita back together. Switching the Reba over to the KM proved to be just fine but it's left the Mamasita in pieces and it's just not right. I don't need to have any squish on the Karate Monkey I just need to suck it up and ride it rigid more. I hit the road soon after the transformation to meet up with Alan over in JC to ride Buffalo mtn. Buffalo mtn is a place that you can ride when all else fails, rain, snow, shine you can ride. It's a good workout with several miles of climbing and a screaming decent that makes the climb well worth it. On the climb up we ran into several ice covered spots that really took it's toll on us. I really had to watch my line and weave all over the place to avoid some very slick ice. All the snow we got a week or so ago got packed down on the fire road by 4x4s then started to melt, refreeze. There was several times when I lost traction and my bike slipped out from under me.
Alan recently purchased a Hero cam like mine so we planned to both film some footage and then compare videos. I soon realized that my SD card was full and there was going to be no filming on my part. When he gets around to uploading his video I'll link it up here for your view pleasure.

Today I heard on the news that they are trying to push back the digital cable switch because not everyone understands what's going to happen to their TV. I hope this doesn't pass because I'm sick of hearing about it. If the hillbillies who are still using rabbit ears don't get it now they're not going to in 3 more months. I say go ahead and switch it and they figure it out real quick. How hard is it, if you're still using an antenna your going to loose your signal it's simple.

Buffalo 1-26-09 from Alan Sparks on Vimeo.

Alan is still working on his editing skills so after the credits you can turn it off, it's just bad rap for 2 more minutes. Thanks for sharing Alan!



kewl write up! Im working on the video. Its going to take over 30 min for the upload and its froze up on me twice now. I have some audio to stream with it too ha ha

I had to verify post with a word verification "beretagi" ?? WTF?? where do they come up with these words

Darth Duncan said...

Nice write up! I've always wondered what Buffalo looks like in the daytime.

Riding with dogs said...

it's more fun to ride during the day, you actually see what's ahead when your not too familar with the trail