Friday, January 9, 2009

The mustashe is back!

I saw it in a magazine the other day and then in the news today. That's right the moustache is back. I'll be honest I was never a fan of the stache until a couple of years ago. I grew my first stashe back in 06' for a race with the rest of my team and I've had them off and on several times since then. I'm currently growing one now, well actually it grown but I may let it go a little thicker. I personally like the Fu-Manchu for myself. I guess Hollywood has noticed my blog and realized that I brought it back in style.

I heard that Brad Pitt has said he's bringing them back but I say I did it first but I'm not in the news so I guess he'll get the recognition. Quit trying to steal my thunder Brad. Even though these guys may be cooler or better looking than me my stashe is way cooler.

The trend has really caught on, another group of guys are trying to copy me as well. I found a group, Faster Moustache online but when I saw they're pic only 2 guys were sporting a stache and they looked as if they were drawn on with a Sharpie.

Come on guys that's pretty weak.
In other news the sun is out and I'm off work so I guess a ride in the woods in on my agenda. I should get some new footage on the Hero cam so stay tuned to your favorite blog.
Don't forget tomorrow is a work day at Bays Mtn. Check here for updates.


Amanda said...

So, I saw this link at the bottom of your jersey re-order e-mail and decided to check it out. I found it amusing and refreshing. Especially the moustache piece. Well done. Also, I'd like to point out that I find it semi-comical that I get all these bike club e-mails, considering my lack of riding skills/knowledge/just plain lack-of-riding... I guess it comes with the territory... of living with Anthony, that is.

Continue on, you moustache blogger. Make the moustache world proud.

Riding with dogs said...

lol, thanks coolness


With that Brad Pitt comment your starting to sound like team Dickey....

ha ha

Riding with dogs said...

easy now