Thursday, January 22, 2009

now back to our regular scheduled program

There hasn't been much blogging going on here lately. Melinda's been out of school all week for Martin Luther and snow and we've been spending quality time together and too much money. It's not like I really had much to say lately but I might have more to say over the next couple of days. I might just have a project in the works and a race to attend but it's all up in the air so we'll see. Anyway, when I'm off and at home Melinda says I spend too much time on the computer and I probably do. Blogging about bikes, reading blogs about bikes, editing bike videos that I've made with my new Hero cam, reading about potential races I'd like to attend or surfing my local club forum it does tend to take up some quality time.
Anyway, speaking of videos, if you read this blog or at least halfway pay attention to what goes on here you might have noticed I deleted my Haw Ridge video a few days ago. I spent alot of time editing, trying to make a sweet video and all that clipping, chopping and repasting here and there made what was good footage, bad footage. The end result sucked and slowed down the video to what looked like a series of photos in some sections. I'm not sure what happened but it seems the more I edit the worse the resolution and action gets. So I plan to go back and start from the beginning. I still have the original footage stored away on my hard drive.
There is a ride going on tonight at my local trailhead so I may go out and try out the new handlebar/seatpost mount for the Hero cam on a night ride. I'm not too sure how well it will turn out since it will be a night ride and the footage will be rough being mounted to my bike but I plan to give it a try.
Last weekend I made it out to another workday at Bays mtn to construct a little singletrack and I took the camera along to snap a few pics.

The trail after the tiller has been through and chewed things up.

The trail after we come along with a series of hand tools and sculpt it into sweet singletrack.

Moonshine made her first appearance at a workday.

Alan actually came to a FREE LABOR workday. I didn't actually get a pic of him working but he did, I'm his witness.

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Johnny T said...

hey about that night ride video....i think if you mixed in your hero cam with clips of bikes/lights tearing through the dark from the side of the trail your video would benefit....not sure if it's worth getting out of the saddle though