Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grandma's apple butter

Earlier this summer as I was trying to make a comeback from being on the injured list, I entered the annual "Tour De Possum Creek" ride with Melinda and a slew of friends. It's a friendly ride through the scenic town of Yuma that winds through the countryside and farmland. As we we're cruising along Alan mentioned that Angie's Grandmother's house was coming up on the right and they were going to stop in and say hello. No need to wait up he said, they would catch back up. As we passed her house I hollered at Alan in a joking manner "Get me some homemade apple butter". I didn't realize it until it was too late but Angie's Grandmother was standing outside and heard what I said. It just so happens that she makes some fine homemade apple butter and sent Alan and Angie home with a jar just for me. Since then every few months Alan brings me another jar from Angie's Grandma.

It's good stuff, homemade apple butter is hard to beat. Two things we always have in our fridge just in case we have company from up north, homemade apple butter and moonshine. For some reason folks up north love both but it seems they can't find either up there. I guess they're too busy making perogies and drinking fu fu drinks, who knows. It's not that we have alot of company from people up north but we do occasionally have some family in that live in PA & OH. My parents who are southern by birth have lost alot of their southern heritage since they moved to OH. Listening to my Mom talk you would think she was born in OH. I told her she needs to move back south before her southern accent is permanently lost.
Melinda and I have really stepped up our running this year and a few days ago we headed to one of our favorite running spots near the lake to get some mileage in. When we pulled into the parking lot I noticed two trees full of giant black birds. I knew they weren't crows because I've seen them before. Vultures are pretty common in this park but I've never seen this many up close. As I approached them they started to fly away which made for a pretty cool picture. All I had with me was my camera phone so sorry the pics are not better quality. With all the crazy technology they have you think phones would come with a better camera.

Melinda is in Knoxville today taking some classes to keep her certifications current so I plan to head down in a few hours to meet up with her and ride the trails at Haw Ridge. Naturally the Hero cam is going with me as well so stay tuned for some new footage.

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