Saturday, January 17, 2009

random stuff

I 've got a few bike maintenance jobs that are starting to pile up I finally picked up a couple of sets of brake pads that I've been needing for some time. Those things are hard to come by.
My really old Jandd seatbag that has been a real jewel finally crapped out on me back in Oct. and I just now got around to purchasing a new one. The velcro started losing it's grip and I've had to resort to using duct tape or shoving it in a water bottle cage. On local rides that don't take me too far from the car I usually don't carry a seatbag. I hate the extra weight of random stuff that I "might" need. I've had pretty good luck, knock on wood, with no flat tires. I hate to wear a camelbak or have much more than my keys and phone in my jersey pocket. In fact I hate winter riding with all the bulk of heavier clothing but I freeze if I don't wear it.

I was afraid I wouldn't find another seatbag as small as the Jandd but I was able to get Mark at Larry's to order this sweet little Topeak bag. I carry only the bare minimum, tube, tire levers CO2 and a small multi-tool.

I did get this little jewel in the mail Fri, another mount for the Hero cam. This one will mount to basically any tube up to 1.4" in diameter which will make for some interesting angles on the trail. I'm not sure how it will do on the rough stuff but it's will definitely be cool on the road this summer.

I'm kinda of scared to touch the Mamsita right now, with all the dried mud caked on her frame it could be a real big mess in the house if I'm not careful. Two days of riding in the muck, Buffalo & Haw Ridge has added about 5 lbs.

The temps are supposed to be rising later this week so a few rides may be in store. This single digit stuff is about to drive me crazy. I could never make it up north, I hate riding the trainer.
I did spring for a pair of Pearl Izumi running pants which are pretty sweet but still not warm enough for 11 degrees.
I hope to make it out for another work day at Bays mtn tomorrow. I'm working nights but the workday doesn't start till 1pm so I should be good.

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