Sunday, January 25, 2009

working hard but not really

It sucks sitting here at work thinking about all things bicycle and not being able to do anything about it. Big work day going on at Bays Mtn as I type I would rather be there sweating, back hurting than just sitting here doing nothing. I'm off tomorrow and I plan to take advantage of the warmer weather and dry skies. I'd like to get out early and get a good hike in with Moonshine and Jackson. They haven't seen a whole lot of action lately, a little hiking and running but no bike rides lately. I've been hesitant to run them too hard lately, Moonshine seems to have a limp later in the day every time we go out hard. We've got her on an anti-inflammatory for a few days and hopefully that will heal things up.
Tomorrow afternoon may bring another ride up on Buffalo, it's been nice to get out and ride different trails besides the one in my backyard. Alan finally scored himself a Hero cam so maybe I'll actually get to see myself in the footage instead of someone else or just the top of my helmet and the trail.
Melinda and I have been talking about heading to Wilksboro the first weekend in April to do a little camping/riding /racing at the 12 Hours of Warriors Creek. We originally tossed around the idea of going to Santos but Wilksboro is so much closer and the trails are just as nice. We might try to sneak in a beach trip once she's out for the summer.
It's looking like the Icycle may be out but not sure just yet. We have several yard projects on tap for this spring and they're big ones. I may just get started on the retaining wall we have been talking about building. That has to be done before we can begin building the fence for the dogs. It will be so nice to let them out the back door un-attended to do their thing or just get some exercise.
Time to go hit the elliptical trainer, it's better than nothing. My work actually pays us to work out and they encourage it so I plan to take full advantage of it.

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